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VOLAR and Selati signed an MoU to give impetus to the nation’s pioneering Green Aviation development


8 September 2022


Volar Air Mobility (“Volar”) and Selangor Aviation, Technology, Information Sdn Bhd (“Selati”) have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote pioneering green aviation in Malaysia, kickstarting the development of a new industry. As a joint undertaking, Volar and Selati will establish a think tank set up to promote and support the development of green aviation.

Globally, the aviation industry contributes around 2.5% to the global carbon footprint annually. The extreme weather conditions (drought, floods, heatwaves) the world is currently experiencing highlight the urgency to minimize climate changes.

Green aviation in the form of electrification, use of sustainable aviation fuels and possibly, hydrogen-based solutions, is embraced by many aviation participants and is part of a broader global movement towards sustainable developments.

A broad adoption by the industry will go a long way towards reducing the aviation
industry’s impact on the environment. For the Nation to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Volar believes taking a coordinated collective approach to reduce our carbon footprint, is imperative.

This goal is shared between Selati and Volar. In order to achieve this, both parties have come together to establish a green aviation think tank.This think tank will be a forum to exchange ideas and information between academia, regulators and industry players on how to drive the pioneering industry and associated eco-systems forward in Malaysia.

Electric aircraft, a major component of green aviation affords opportunities to address concerns associated with conventional aviation such as noise reduction, resource utilisation efficiency and air pollution.

By introducing a green air commuting platform, Malaysia will be able to participate in the global air taxi market valued at USD 1.5 trillion by 2040 while raising awareness of carbon emissions.


Additionally, the development of MRO services, operations of a green air commuting service and possibly, the manufacturing of green aircraft, will bring in foreign direct investment, promote technology transfer, and create jobs in an emerging industry.


Green Aviation is the future of aviation as the world focuses on sustainable developments for the benefit of current and future generations. By kickstarting and bringing awareness of a pioneering emerging aviation technology to Malaysia, Selati and Volar believe this will foster the development of ancillary aviation activities and ecosystems in Malaysia, and possibly, enable Malaysia to play a leading role regionally.


Contact and Investor Relations

Jessie Yuen

Senior Research Associate  

Volar Air Mobility Limited


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