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Who is Volar Air Mobility?

Volar Air Mobility Limited (“Volar”) is a Hong Kong-based green air mobility technology company founded in 2020 with a vision of pioneering Green Aviation.


Our mission is to revolutionise air travel through a S.A.F.E. option.​

  • Safe - Safety is our priority

  • Affordable - compared to conventional charter experiences

  • Flexible - on-demand flexibility

  • Emission-free - carbon neutral commuting experience

Which problem does Volar intend to solve?

Volar aspires to democratize private aviation and more importantly to enable better regional access in sub-urban areas where airline operations are commercially unviable (due to plane configurations) and environmentally unfriendly.

Where will Volar operate?

Volar envisages to commence operations in ASEAN countries, as a proof of concept, given the region's rapid economic growth, infrastructure demand, and geographical proximity to China, before further expansion into the Middle East and Africa regions.

How will be the passenger experience with Volar?

Volar strives to create a seamless door-to-door flexible private travel experience for our passengers, with travel safety be always at the heart of our ethos.

What aircraft does Volar use?

Volar is an aircraft (environmentally friendly)-agnostic technology platform.


The first aircraft joining our fleet will be RX4E, the world first (to-be) commercially approved 4-seater electric aircraft, which is expected to receive type certification approval by the end of 2022.

What is RX4E?

RX4E is a 4-seater electric aircraft developed by the Liaoning General Aviation Academy (founded by Shenyang Aerospace University in 2011, in partnership with Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)).


RX4E has successfully made its maiden flight in October 2019 and its currently undergoing type certification process with the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

What are the key specifications of the RX4E aircraft?

Capacity: 4 people (1 pilot with 3 passengers)

Range: 300km (~1.5 endurance hours)

Cruise speed: 200km/h

Maximum take-off weight: 1200kg

Battery swapping: ~10 mins

Co2 emissions:  Zero CO2 emissions

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