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VOLAR and Institut Teknologi Bandung signed an MoU to collaborate on green aviation R&D in Indonesia

1 May 2024

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Volar Air Mobility Limited ("Volar"), a green air mobility company based in HK, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Institut Teknologi Bandung ("ITB") to explore collaboration on green aviation R&D in the Republic of Indonesia. Both organizations share a commitment to innovation in green aviation, aligning with Indonesia's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a greener economy.


The collaboration between Volar and ITB focuses on key technological advancements in green aviation. These include (a) developing a modularized smart manufacturing template, (b) designing an amphibious float system for the RX4E electric aircraft and (c) establishing a comprehensive curriculum to train engineers in electric aircraft maintenance, repair, and operation.


This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing towards a greener and more environmentally conscious aviation industry. By driving innovation and collaboration, Volar and ITB are dedicated to creating a meaningful societal impact for the community.

Contact and Investor Relations

Jessie Yuen

Senior Research Associate  

Volar Air Mobility Limited


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