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VOLAR and the Government of Kenya have signed a Green Investment Trade Deal to bring Pioneering Sustainable Aviation to Kenya


4 September 2023


Volar Air Mobility Limited (“Volar”) and Kenya have today signed a deal to bring pioneering green aviation in Kenya, Africa.


Represented by its Chief Representative of Africa, Kunmi Demuren, Volar Air Mobility has effectuated a deal with the Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) at the African Climate Summit in 2023. The deal was made in conjunction with 2 others focused on food security, making transparent the Government of Kenya’s efforts to support green financing initiatives and enable sustainable transportation solutions.


The agreement sets the stage for Kenya to embrace environmentally-friendly air taxi services and eco-tourism operations, pioneering the path for Green Aviation to thrive within the African Continent. Such a development hopes to enable time-sensitive travellers to access an eco-conscious alternative, empower the Government of Kenya in fulfilling its promises of achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050, and educate the wider Kenyan community on the merits brought by decarbonization.

Contact and Investor Relations

Jessie Yuen

Senior Research Associate  

Volar Air Mobility Limited


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