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绿飞有限公司(“绿飞”)是一家总部位于中国香港的绿色空中出行科技公司。成立于 2020 年,致力于开创绿色航空的未来。

绿飞正在致力于商业化全球首个 (即将) 获得商用批准的四人座电动飞机 RX4E,并借其推出全球首个绿色 (无化石燃料) 的空中出行平台。该服务将具有以下关键特点:安全、可负担、灵活以及零排放。




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Our mission


Climate change is rapidly changing our world because of greenhouse gas emissions through our modern activities.

We're committed to make a lasting change on the aviation industry by pushing forward the adoption of green technologies.

Our development progress


October 2019

The RX4E performs its first maiden flight in Shenyang. Type certification begins shortly after.

May 2021

Volar Air Mobility is founded and incorporated in Hong Kong.

September 2022

Volar signs an MoU with Selati in order to bring green aviation to Malaysia

February 2023

Volar signs an MoU with One Energy in order to develop the battery swapping infrastructure.

February 2023

Volar signs an MoU with ATAS to collaborate on joint operations in Indonesia.

April 2023

Volar and the Liaoning General Aviation Academy sign a distribution agreement, giving Volar rights to distribution of the RX4E.

October 2023

Expected completion date of the type certification of the RX4E in China.

April 2023

Volar signs an MoU with PT Solusi Pariwisata Inovatif and UniKL MIAT, furthering development in the ASEAN region.

Q2-Q3 2024

Expected completion of certification in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Q3-Q4 2024

Commercialisation of the air taxi platform and services in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.




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